Violin Podcast: Traveling with your violin 2020

Over the years, U.S. airlines have been stringy on bringing your instrument on board. IN the past, I was able tog et on board with my violin with ease. Even though the FAA has made rules about you being able to fly with your violin, sometimes there’s my no guarantee that your violin will make it into the overhead bin. Here are a few tips to make your traveling less painful:

1) Be careful buying Basic Economy

In the past, I would’ve advised that you purchase the cheapest ticket and politely ask the associate at the front desk to get you on the plane sooner. These days, airlines have made it convenient for the average customer to get a great price.

Well, you’re not their average customer, are you?

Usually, these Basic Economy tickets have many restrictions when you get on board like early boarding and selecting your seat.

For any instrumentalist flying, these are the two most important things you need to have control over. If you have early boarding, then you have early access to the overhead bins and you’ll have an easier flight experience.

2) Check the airplane model

You have heard that Boeing was in the news with their 737-MAX planes. This plane had a lot more storage space in the overhead bins. But, because of the recent crashes within the last year all the 737-MAX planes that these airlines ordered are now grounded indefinitely. When you purchase tickets, check the plane model of the time you’re flying. Not all planes have the same amount of storage space.

3) Be nice to the crew

Imagine, you got the cheapest ticket available and it’s six in the morning. The worker at the front desk announces the flight is full and says this dreadful line, “We are asking for volunteers to check in their carry on bag and the baggage price will be waived by doing so.” This is the moment where you go up to the front desk right away and be the nicest passenger on the planet and ask if there is any way you can get on an earlier boarding group. Usually they allow you to do so.

Bonus: Airline Credit Cards

I don’t typically recommend airline credit cards, but if you live in an area where there’s a small airport and have few airlines to choose from, then it might not be a bad idea to get a credit card associated with your preferred airline. A lot of these credit cards have perks that not every customer gets like early boarding, and your 1st checked bag free. I would get one for the early boarding perk.

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