Basic Tutorial On How To Tune Your Violin

Violin Tuning with ViolinPodcast editor Eric Mrugala

Many violin students out there are now having video lessons due to the Coronavirus. We thought that it would be helpful for beginner students and parents of beginner students to know how to tune their violins while teachers are not around to help.

Please note, we did this video on a violin with only one fine tuners. If you have fine tuners, then that will be the easiest option for you to tune your violin.

There are many accessible tuners out there that are either free or available for purchase on in the app store of your choice. While we tuned our violin by plucking the string, it’s best to tune with the bow. Below is a list of the frequency of each note that should be on the each string:

  • E(5) String: 659 Hz
  • A String: 440 Hz
  • D String: 293 Hz
  • G String: 196 Hz

The strings on a violin the western classical music tradition are tuned in fifths.

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