How to turn on Music Mode in Zoom – Video

In this tutorial, we take you step by step on how to get the best audio on both sides of the Zoom meeting.

Zoom has been a good platform for scheduling online meetings on a recurring basis.

But how about music lessons?

If you’re like me, a lot of musicians and educators in the world are are now teaching online. Musicians are always interested in getting the best sound on both sides of online Zoom lessons. We’ll take you through an easy, step by step process on how to adjust the audio settings to your liking.

You will need to download the Zoom App on your laptop or desktop

Although Zoom has a mobile app for convenience, a lot of what we’re going to talk about does not apply to the mobile app. As of this post, you cannot adjust sound settings on the Zoom app.

Open Zoom & Log In

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your computer, you will have to create an account. Zoom makes this a painless process if you have a Gmail account. It’s still a pretty painless process if you want to log in with different sign-in credentials.

Zoom Home Page & Settings

When you log in to Zoom, you’ll be redirected to the home page. This is where you can schedule meetings, join meetings, and set recurring meetings. You’ll find a list on the right side of the window of upcoming meetings for that particular day.

What we’re really interested in is adjusting the audio settings. You can find the settings button below your profile picture on the top right of your window and click on it.

Audio Settings

Once you reach the main settings page in Zoom, you’ll have a lot of options on the left side of the new window. Click on Audio, and proceed to Advanced on the bottom right corner of the window.

Enable Original Sound & Other Settings

You’ve reached the advanced audio settings. Here comes the important part. You will have to click on the box at the top of the page that says to “Enable Original Sound”. This will give you the most accurate sound from you to your teacher/student. Then you will have to disable the top two settings which are the intermittent and persistent sound settings. You will want those two disabled.

The zoom software will recognize our instrument sound and will therefore mute or completely block the sound. This step will help prevent that from happening.

Now You’re All Set!

There you have it. This is how to get the best audio settings from Zoom when conducting video lessons. Have any other suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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