Douglas Cox, violin maker, joins me on this week’s episode of the Violin Podcast. We discuss how he started out in making instruments, trying to make and bring concert-quality instruments to players. To learn more about his instruments, visit

Violin Podcast host Eric Mrugala interviews violinists around the world discussing their personal journey with the violin, career advice, and more.

In this week’s episode of the Violin Podcast, Eric Mrugala interviews violinist, pedagogue, and entrepreneur Daniel Kurganov. We talk about how he started violin at a late age, what inspires him to continue playing the violin, and how he started several music businesses that brought him success in his career. Watch the episode!

This week on the Violin Podcast, we invite Dallas-born violinist Nikki Naghavi. I get to talk to her about her life as a violinist, her social media presence, and her tips on becoming a better violinist.

Watch the interview below!

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In this Violin Podcast interview, Eric Mrugala talks to violinist Christian Hebel on the Violin Podcast. Christian Hebel is a violinist, and music producer who works in in Los Angeles and New York. In this video, we also talk about his journey from college to becoming a professional violinist, how he got his big break working with famous artists, and tour with them around the world.